.NET News

EF Core 3.0 features
Major release EF Core 3.0 offers ton of features like Cosmos DB provider, efficient query generation, overhauled LINQ provider and supports C# 8.0 idioms
Porting legacy Entity Framework (EDMX designer approach) generated models to Entity Framework Core
Before the advent of Entity framework code-first approach, lot of applications relied on Entity Framework EDMX designer-first approach to model their database entities. With emphasis on code-first approach gained popularity, EDMX style models lost appeal. In EF Core too, there is NO support for EDMX generation.
Build front end UI web apps with C# Blazor
Blazor framework is Microsoft answer to build front end SPA web apps using C# language. Blazor components are implemented using C#, HTML and CSS. Both client and server code is written in C# which is amazing
.Net Core 3 and Visual Studio 2019 for Mac demos
Visual Studio 2019 for Mac is getting lot of updates on par with Visual Studio 2019 for windows. And .Net Core 3 ready for production !!
Machine Learning 101 slidedeck
Machine Learning 101 - nice google slide presentation covering fundamentals of Machine Learning
.Net Core 2.0 project to demonstrate Cosmos DB capabilities
Azure CosmosDB is a database service which is fully geo located and highly scalable service. It provides multiple APIs including SQL, MongoDB to access and store the data
Free easy to read .NET Framework programming notes Pdf book, Entity Framework Notes Pdf book and host of other books to download
Free collection of series of books called Professional Notes for Professionals compiled from Stack Overflow documentation. Highly recommended for beginners
C# 8.0 Preview 5 out there
C# 8.0 brings out features like Readonly and Default interface members, Nullable reference types. C# 8.0 right now is in preview 5