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.NET 8 Preview 1
the release of the first preview of .NET 8, the next major release of the .NET platform. The article highlights key features including new language features for C# 9, improved performance, enhanced support for cloud-native applications, and a seamless upgrade path for developers currently using .NET Core 3.x or earlier versions
Performance Improvements in .NET 7
The link discusses performance improvements in .NET 7, highlighting enhancements that boost speed and efficiency in the framework. These optimizations aim to enhance application performance and responsiveness.
Performance Improvements in .NET 8
Performance enhancements in .NET 8, focusing on improvements aimed at enhancing application speed and efficiency, ultimately boosting performance and responsiveness.
Building Generative AI Chat App with .NET
building a simple console-based .NET chat application from the ground up, with minimal dependencies and minimal fuss. The end goal is to be able to ask questions and get answers not only based on the data on which our model was trained, but also on additional data supplied dynamically.
Microsoft Build 2023
Microsoft Build is an annual conference event held by Microsoft, aimed at software engineers and web developers using Windows, Microsoft Azure and other Microsoft technologies.
Get started with Azure OpenAI in .NET
overview of how to integrate OpenAI's GPT-3 language model into a .NET application using Azure Cognitive Services. The article explains how to set up an Azure Cognitive Services account, create an OpenAI resource, and obtain an API key for accessing the OpenAI API
How OAuth 2.0 Works
The article explains how OAuth 2.0 works, which is an authorization framework that allows third-party applications to access user data from various services without needing to share passwords
.NET Conf 2022
The biggest .NET 2022 virtual event - Welcome to .NET 7
GraphQL vs REST APIs: a complete guide
The article compares GraphQL and REST APIs for building APIs. It explains the differences between the two and compares their pros and cons. REST APIs are good for simple APIs, while GraphQL is better for complex APIs. The choice depends on the project's requirements, the team's expertise, and the available resources.
Visual Studio online - web based IDE and code editor
Cloud based Visual Studio Online opens up new frontiers for developer productivity - a cloud based Visual Studio development environments accessible anywhere, anytime