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Hangfire: Open source library for background job processing in .NET
Hangfire library helps building .NET applications that needed background processing. The conversation dives into the array of different processing options, state management, and the challenging problem of building and maintaining an open-source project over a decade!
Top 10 useful visual studio 2022 features for .NET developers
Curated VS feature selection which includes editor improvements, productivity updates, and AI assistance to enhance developer productivity
Generative AI with .NET for Beginners
Dive headfirst into the future with our .NET Machine Learning and AI for Beginners Series. Discover the seamless integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) into your .NET applications
Getting started with OpenAI in .NET
series of blog posts showcasing samples and discussing a series of AI-related building blocks to help you add OpenAI-powered AI capabilities to your .NET applications.
Visually Debugging EF Queries with Visual Studio EF Core Visualizer Extension
With Entity Framework Core query plan debugger visualizer, you can view the query plan of your queries directly inside Visual Studio. Currently, the visualizer supports SQL Server and PostgreSQL.
Intro to Apache Kafka
In this podcast episode, the Coding Blocks team finally delves into the world of Apache Kafka.
Introducing links to source code for .NET API Docs
The .NET API reference docs now include links to the corresponding source code, making it easier for developers to review code alongside the documentation.
.NET at Microsoft Build 2024
Microsoft Build 2024 conference - official YouTube playlist covering all things .NET, C#, Visual Studio
Download .NET 9 Preview 4
.NET 9 Preview 4 release is available now. For details:https://dotnet.microsoft.com/en-us/download/dotnet/9.0
Microsoft Build 2024 (May 21-23, 2024)
Join the .NET Team at Microsoft Build 2024!