.NET Repos

ASP.Net Core guidance repo
A great repository filled with examples of "broken patterns" in ASP.NET Core applications. It's a fantastic learning resource with both markdown and code that covers a number of common areas when writing scalable services in ASP.NET Core.
Awesome .NET Core
A curated list of resources, libraries, and tools for developing .NET Core applications. The repository includes a wide range of categories such as web frameworks, testing tools, ORM frameworks, machine learning, and more. It aims to provide developers with a comprehensive and up-to-date list of resources for building .NET Core applications. The repository is open source and community-driven, with contributions from developers around the world.
Bing News Search Cognitive Service Code sample
Tutorial builds a cloud-connected Xamarin mobile news app which leverages Microsoft Cognitive services like Bing News API to deliver latest news by a search term
CacheCow - An implementation of HTTP caching in .NET Core and .NET framework 4.5.2+ for both client and the server
CacheCow constructs for HTTP Caching in .NET Core and 4.52+ for ASP.NET Web API and ASP.NET MVC Core when making HTTP calls with .NET HttpClient library
The automatic type safe REST library for .NET Core, Xamarin and .NET
Refit is a library heavily inspired by Square's Retrofit library. It turns your REST API into a live interface
FluentAssertions - Fluent API for asserting results of .NET unit tests
Fluent Assertions provides bunch of extension methods that allow you to naturally specify unit test assertions which makes unit tests expressive and easy to read
Tailwind Traders - .NET reference application built with best-in-class tools, technologies like ASP.NET, React, .NET Core, WPF and Xamarin
Tailwind Trader is a fictitious line of business application built on .NET stack demonstrating best practices and tooling available in .NET ecosystem
Backend ASP.NET Core API with Angular 2 frontend application tutorial
Tutorial to set up an application using ASP.NET Core as an API for Angular2 frontend
Sample Angular 2 application with ASP.NET Core
Getting started example using Angular 2, ASP.NET Core, and Visual Studio Code
.NET Core tutorial to build conference management app -a full featured containerized ASP.Net Core application from scratch
full fledged step by step instructions to learn and build ASP.NET Core application ( conference management website) from scratch implementing best practices and patterns