.NET News

Configuration and AppSettings definition in ASP.NET Core
.Net Core provided a completely new way to define application configuration values. It supports multiple configuration providers and sources like Key Vault, JSON files, environment variables, XML or any custom data source
.Net Core libraries for IoT development
.Net Core provides implementation libraries for various IoT devices and scenarios. These libraries provide support for various boards like Raspberry Pi and Hummingboard.
IoT development with .Net Core 3.0
Internet of Things (IoT) is slowly ubiquitous topic where billions of smaller devices are connected to the internet collecting and sharing all kinds of data like sensor data
Visual Studio Code tips and tricks
Visual Studio Code is a wonderful general purpose IDE with loads of extensions. VS Code tips and tricks goes a long way in improving developer productivity
Single Page applications (SPA) development with ASP.NET Core 3.0
ASP.NET Core 3.0 fully supports SPA web applications with client side frameworks like Angular and React. ASP.Net Core provides corresponding SPA middleware and lets you integrate SPA framework into .NET project.
.Net Conference 2019 videos
Microsoft announced .NET Core 3.0, ASP.NET, EF Core 3.0, C# 8, F# 4.7 and several new features for the .NET ecosystem as part of .NET Conf 2019
Migrating from Entity Framework 6 to EF Core
EF Core is cross platform version of popular Entity Framework technology. Applications built on full Entity Framework needs some work to port to EF Core
EF Core 3.0 features
Major release EF Core 3.0 offers ton of features like Cosmos DB provider, efficient query generation, overhauled LINQ provider and supports C# 8.0 idioms
Porting legacy Entity Framework (EDMX designer approach) generated models to Entity Framework Core
Before the advent of Entity framework code-first approach, lot of applications relied on Entity Framework EDMX designer-first approach to model their database entities. With emphasis on code-first approach gained popularity, EDMX style models lost appeal. In EF Core too, there is NO support for EDMX generation.
Build front end UI web apps with C# Blazor
Blazor framework is Microsoft answer to build front end SPA web apps using C# language. Blazor components are implemented using C#, HTML and CSS. Both client and server code is written in C# which is amazing